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Saturday, October 25, 2014
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  Cruise schedule for LeHavre 2014


After the unexpected call of Marco Polo early January, the cruise season has really picked up today in Le Havre, with the call of AIDAsol. This year, 122 calls are scheduled and 250 000 passengers are expected until December. Peak months are May (28 calls), August (19 calls), and September (25 calls). 20 partial turnarounds are also planned. Some highlights with multiple calls: 24 doubles, 6 triples and even a quad on September 16th. Inaugural calls: Royal Princess, Ruby Princess, Seabourn Legend, Louis Aura, Mein Schiff 3 and Minerva. Frequent visitors are AIDA (34 calls), MSC (19), Princess, (13), Celebrity (9), RCCL (8), TUI (7). On the welcome side: the Cruise Department team has worked hard to give the Cruise Terminal colors of season. New reception staff were trained to strengthen hospitality in the city center as part of the “Cruise Welcome” operation. Particular attention is paid to the practice of English and German among other languages. 
Date Ship Time Cruiselines
5-Feb Marco Polo 21:00 Cruise Maritime Voyages
5-Mar Aidasol 21:00 Aida Cruises
10-Mar Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
17-Mar Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
24-Mar Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
31-Mar Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
2-Apr Aidacara 21:00 Aida Cruises
7-Apr Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
14-Apr Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
21-Apr Mein Schiff 1 19:00 Tui Cruises
22-Apr Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
26-Apr Msc Magnifica 20:00 MSC
27-Apr Vision Of The Seas 19:00 Royal Caribbean
28-Apr Legend Of The Seas 19:00 Royal Caribbean
29-Apr Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
29-Apr Aidabella 21:00 Aida Cruises
2-May Astor 19:00 Transocean Tours
2-May Emerald Princess 19:00 Princess Cruises
2-May Msc Magnifica 20:00 MSC
5-May Empress 20:00 Pullmantur
5-May Delphin 20:00 Passat Cruise Line
5-May Celebrity Constellation 19:00 Celebrity Cruises Inc
6-May Adventure Of The Seas 19:00 Royal Caribbean
6-May Mein Schiff 1 19:00 Tui Cruises
9-May Royal Princess 19:00 Princess Cruises
10-May Ruby Princess 19:00 Princess Cruises
10-May Astor 20:00 Transocean Tours
11-May Aidamar 21:00 Aida Cruises
13-May Celebrity Infinity 19:00 Celebrity Cruises Inc
19-May Costa Neoromantica   Costa
20-May Costa Neoromantica 19:30 Costa
20-May Costa Fortuna 21:00 Costa
21-May Mein Schiff 2 19:00 Tui Cruises
21-May Costa Luminosa 21:00 Costa
22-May Ruby Princess 19:00 Princess Cruises
22-May Aidastella 19:00 Aida Cruises
24-May Ruby Princess 19:00 Princess Cruises
26-May Independence Of The Seas 19:00 Royal Caribbean
27-May Seabourn Legend 19:00 Seabourn
28-May Aidastella 21:00 Aida Cruises
28-May Costa Mediterranea 21:00 Costa
28-May Independence Of The Seas 19:00 Royal Caribbean
30-May Sea Cloud 2 19:00 Hansa Shipping Gmbh
30-May Nippon Maru   Mitsui Osk Lines
31-May Nippon Maru 17:00 Mitsui Osk Lines
5-Jun Braemar 19:00 Fred Olsen
6-Jun Celebrity Eclipse 19:00 Celebrity
6-Jun Minerva   Swan Hellenic
6-Jun Minerva   Swan Hellenic
7-Jun Sea Cloud 2 19:00  
14-Jun Celebrity Infinity 19:00 Celebrity
15-Jun Mein Schiff 3 19:00 TUI Cruises
15-Jun Ruby Princess 19:00  
19-Jun Aidastella 19:00 Aida Cruises
25-Jun Aidastella 21:00 Aida Cruises
9-Jul Ruby Princess 19:00 Princess
15-Jul Celebrity Infinity 19:00  
17-Jul Aidastella 19:00 Aida Cruises
18-Jul Msc Opera 21:00 MSC
21-Jul Ruby Princess 19:00 Princess
23-Jul Aidastella 21:00 Aida Cruises
28-Jul Msc Opera 21:00 MSC
2-Aug Ruby Princess 19:00 Princess
5-Aug Celebrity Infinity 19:00 Celebrity
7-Aug Msc Opera 21:00 MSC
13-Aug Aidacara 22:00 Aida Cruises
14-Aug Ruby Princess 19:00 Princess
14-Aug Aidastella 19:00 Aida Cruises
17-Aug Msc Opera 21:00  
19-Aug Aidacara 20:00 Aida Cruises
20-Aug Aida Stella 21:00 Aida Cruises
20-Aug Ocean Countess 21:00 Cruise Maritime Voyages
26-Aug Ruby Princess 19:00 Princess
26-Aug Celebrity Infinity 19:00  
26-Aug Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
27-Aug Grand Mistral 19:00  
26-Aug Msc Opera 21:00 MSC
28-Aug Ocean Princess 19:00 Princess Cruises
30-Aug Msc Magnifica 18:00 MSC
30-Aug Adventure Of The Seas 19:00 Royal Caribbean
31-Aug Grand Mistral 19:00  
1-Sep Brilliance Of The Seas 19:00 Royal Caribbean
2-Sep Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
2-Sep Aidastella 21:00 Aida Cruises
4-Sep Costa Fortuna 20:00 Costa
5-Sep Black Watch 21:00 Fred Olsen
6-Sep Msc Opera 21:00 MSC
7-Sep Ruby Princess 19:00 Princess Cruises
8-Sep Msc Magnifica 18:00 MSC
9-Sep Costa Luminosa 20:00 Costa
9-Sep Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
9-Sep Celebrity Infinity 19:00 Celebrity
10-Sep Celebrity Infinity   Celebrity
13-Sep Mein Schiff 2 20:30 TUI Cruises
16-Sep Mein Schiff 1 19:00 TUI Cruises
16-Sep Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
16-Sep Msc Magnifica 20:00 MSC
16-Sep Msc Opera 21:00 MSC
18-Sep Empress 20:00 Pullmantur
20-Sep Celebrity Infinity 19:00 Celebrity
23-Sep Msc Magnifica 20:00 MSC
23-Sep Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
23-Sep Mein Schiff 1 20:00 TUI Cruises
24-Sep Artania 19:00 Phoenix Reisen
26-Sep Msc Opera 21:00 MSC
30-Sep Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
30-Sep Msc Magnifica 20:00 MSC
1-Oct Nautica 18:30 Oceania
1-Oct Aidamar 20:00 Aida Cruises
2-Oct Celebrity Infinity 19:00 Celebrity
6-Oct Msc Opera 21:00 MSC
7-Oct Msc Magnifica 20:00 MSC
7-Oct Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
9-Oct Msc Opera 23:59 MSC
14-Oct Msc Magnifica 20:00 MSC
14-Oct Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
21-Oct Aidacara 20:00 Aida Cruises
21-Oct Aidasol 20:00 Aida Cruises
26-Oct Emerald Princess 17:30 Princess
27-Oct Independence Of The Seas 19:00 Royal Caribbean
29-Oct Independence Of The Seas 19:00 Royal Caribbean
1-Nov Adventure Of The Seas 19:00 Royal Caribbean
10-Nov Msc Magnifica 20:00 MSC
27-Nov Queen Mary 2 21:00 Cunard
20-Dec Balmoral 21:30 Fred Olsen


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